Looking for job queue alternatives

October 12, 2009
by Evan Silberman (ejs07)

I spent some time today looking into alternative job queuing solutions for running stuff on the cluster. After some unnecessarily-difficult detective work, I figured out that the system apparently used most often with Rocks is Maui, which is released as open source by a commercial enterprise selling some hella complicated stuff. (All this rocks stuff is hilariously difficult to interpret, by the way. There’s really no documentation that tells you what anything is for, or how to do anything other than install things.) It would be rad and everything to try to implement a somewhat more open/accessible system for cluster job queuing than tractor, but this is not an area where anything is straightforward and easy. Given Hampshire’s resources, its existing support relationship with Pixar, and the institutional familiarity with Alfred and Tractor, writing a system that targets Tractor is the only thing that makes sense to me right now as a first step.

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