Push in Erlang

September 23, 2009
by John Schanck (jms07)

I’ve made the source code for my Erlang implementation of Push available at anomos.info/~john/. I’m currently calling it PushAgner, this is a terrible name (Erlang is named after the inventor of queuing theory, Agner Krarup Erlang), please help me come up with a better one.
EDIT: I’ve renamed it to Erlush, which was another working title I had used, and was suggested by Lee.

If you have git installed, you can get the source by running:
$ git clone git://anomos.info/~john/erlush
Following which you can get any updates by running:
$ git pull

If you don’t have git, you can just grab a tarball of the latest source.

I haven’t written any documentation yet. If you really want to get this running it’s probably best to contact me directly.

– John

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