Meeting liveblog

September 21, 2009
by Evan Silberman (ejs07)

7:17PM: We are meeting.
7:18PM: We are talking about what we want to accomplish.
7:19PM: John is testing the use of CoDeploy on the cluster as a potential tool for deploying our code across the cluster.
7:27PM: We are discussing the feasibility of leaving Erlang interpreters idling on cluster nodes.
7:47PM: We are getting caught up doing weird things with ssh-agent.
7:51PM: We have resolved to meet with Josiah on Wednesday.

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  1.   malc07 Says:


    From erlang, I can call out to filesystem binaries on individual nodes, yes? Would I be able to use this coDeploy thing to push binaries for the external programs out to individual cluster nodes?

    Can pushGp programs (in the erlang interperter) call non-erlang binaries?

    I am envisioning adding push primitives to the erlang implementation that are essentially calls to one (or more) external linear programming package.

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